MBF VIR-O- ACTION Contains fungus known as “white- halo” because of the white mycellial growth on the edges of infected scale insects. The spores of the fungus are slimy & attach to the cuticle of insects.

  • After spraying of MBF Vir-O- Action no residue remains on the plant surface.
  • MBF Vir-O- Action is an enemy of insects but totally safe for human beings & cattles.
  • Vir-O-Action is used to control soft bodied insects like Aphids, White flies, Thrips & Mealybugs in Ornamental and Vegetables; for indoor/outdoor Nursery, Greenhouse and Landscape use.
  • Biological control for plant pathogens.
  • Improves nutrional quality.


For Spraying

Mix 1 lit. of MBF Vir-O- Action in 200 Lit of water & use for spraying of 1 Acre of land. Completely wet the back surface of leaves & stem. If infection still persists after 7 days repeat the spraying.

For Soil Application

Mix 5 ml of Vir-O- Action in 1 Lit of water & apply near the roots or else mix 5 Lit of Vir-o- Action in Brown Gold organic fertilizer & apply it on the field & follow irrigation after applying.

For Better result

MBF Vir-O- Action mixed with the water for upto half-an- hour before spraying. Better results can be obtained if used with the Neem based insecticides. MBF Vir-O- Action should be used only after 3 pm. Threads of the fungus should come in contact with the body of the insects. Wet the plant completely. Ensure that the lower surface of leaves & stem gets wet completely. New pruning & inflorescence must get wet. Vir-o- Action works best at temperature of 15°C to 25°C and relative humidity of 85 to 99%.


Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Potato, Chilli, Ladyfinger, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Guava, Cotton, Ornamental crops, Spices, Pulses, etc.

MBF Vir-O- Action infects insects by producing hyphae from germinating spores that penetrate the insect integument. It eventually grows out through the cuticle and sporulates on the outside of the body. It produces insecticidal toxins such as dipicolinic acid and a cyclodepsipeptide toxin called as bassianoli and kill insect attack.

Available In: 1 Kg, & 500 ml, 1 L, 5L.