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India's No.1 Organic Agro Input Provider Company

About us

MBF is a Pioneer in researching, manufacturing & supplying a series of many beneficial Products for Organic farming. The Company's motto of "Progressive diversion from Chemical farming to Organic farming" has been successfully put forward by many impressive options.

Our Products

MBF has developed Amino Gold No.1, Micro Ad, Ultralife, Sulphur, Lal Tufan, Mite Out, Neem Based products, Kala Sona & Humic Liquid etc. A series of products which cover Growth enhancers, Insecticides, pesticides, miticides, fungicides & Biofertilizers to improve plant performance.

Research & Development

We carry out research and development through Maharashtra Agricultural Institute for Training Testing & Research and Mother-Earth Environmental Solutions. These institutes have qualified staffs to back up scientific baseline data of quality checking by state of art lab.

News & Events

>> Scorpio Car to State Head’s from MBF

  Sept¬†4th, 2015 New Scorpio Car given to State Head’s from MBF… for achieving given targets…!!! Congratulations all…!!!!  … Read More

>> International Yoga Day at MBF India

  June 21st, 2015, Latur ||¬† International Yoga Day, June 21, was declared as the International Day of Yoga by Narendra Modi in the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in India. On 21st June it was celebrated in more than… Read More

Mission & Vision


The idea that encouraged us to get into organic farming is to improve the quality and texture of soil. The indiscrimate use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides have left it's harmful traces on the health of humans and environment. Our vision is to explore the second Green Revolution and make India completely a Organic India.


Our vision is to help agriculture make transition to a sustainable organic system of farming which is ecologically stable,economical to farmers and improving the present texture of soil which is left barren due to chemical inputs.