MBF production line has a compact design process, which is beautifully setup and streamlined, operating to provide high product quality and stability, easy cleaning and maintenance and so on. All equipment and material contact parts are made up of high quality stainless steel. Finely polished parts prevent salt corrosion, making cleaning more convenient. Dust-free production process design provides a good production environment thus protecting the health of workers. There are 300 skilled workers along with 800 supporting staff dedicated in manufacturing high quality products.

Our Company manufactures small and large size packages that are used for organic agro transport for nearly ten years. Proud of abundant experience accumulated, we not only establish a series of effective management systems, but also nurture a group of key technicians and skilled operators, and moreover form a whole set of quality assurance systems. Standardized management over handover procedures of semi-finished products handled by the Processing and Packaging Department, assure the accuracy of measurement and quantity of goods delivered.

In order to meet demands of different formulations, different packaging types, different quantities and batches, our company is equipped with packing machinery of various types, such as automatic sacked liquid packaging machine, automatic filling machine. The auxiliary equipment for automatic filling machine, automatic spray marker, heat shrink machine, case sealer etc.