Three-D is a revolutionary product with 3 way systematic action for Brown Plant Hoppers (BPH). BPH infest rice crops at all stages of plant growth. As a result of infestation and damage by both nymphs and adults at the base of the tillers, plants turn yellow and dry up rapidly. At an early stage of infestation, round and yellow patches appear, which soon turn brownish due to the loss of water within the plants. This condition is called ‘hopper burn’.

  • It prevents the rice pests to multiply.
  • Effectively controls sucking and chewing insects that have developed resistance to conventional insecticides.
  • Relatively safe to environment with no residual effects.
  • It builds up capacity of immunity against stresses.
  • It gives a Quick Knock Down effect.
  • It is highly effective against resistant Brown Plant Hopper.
  • It protects crops from insects for a longer duration.

Spray 2 ml per liter of water.

Use 120 liters of water to spray on 1 acre land

Specially for Paddy fields and all type of hoppers attack.

  • Due to systemic action, moves within plant & provide excellent pest control.
  • Blocks regulated chloride channels in insect’s nervous system.
  • Boost lectin content of plant which is antifeedent to BPH.

Available In: 250ml, 500ml, 1L