MBF TAR is biodegradable concentrated herbal extract which has a strong activity of repelling the harmful animals from field with broad spectrum insect repellency and larvicidal activity. Farms are always in danger from animals like pigs, deer and rabbit etc which are responsible for the major losses in yield.

Fields can be made safe by the fencing of the horns but many times these fencing also prove to be useless. In such conditions MBF TAR is an ideal solution spraying MBF TAR is most efficient and alternative way to save the field from harmful animals.

Environmentally safe-organic Biodegradable

Nature’s wild creatures like deer, pigs, monkeys, squirrels,dogs, cats etc. can be destructive, annoying & cost you a lot of in repair. To solve the problem, there are a number of less than ideal solutions. Messy, dangerous chemicals pose unacceptable risks for most farmers. Lethal methods, wouldn’t even keep new pest away. And sealing off the entire area would be impractical, in-convenient & potentially very costly. Trapping is a lot of effort & again, it would be perpetual labor as trapping does nothing to prevent new pest. To end these problems, Company is thrilled to introduce TAR to it’s product offering. So, that it may best serve it’s agricultural customers.

It’s long term effectiveness is attributable to the tenacity of it’s 100% natural herbal extracts in sticking to the plant even under severe rain fall condition.

  • It is an ideal solution
  • Spraying MBF TAR is most efficient and alternative way to save the field from harmful animals.
  • It has strong activity of repelling the harmful animals from the field without harming crop and animals.
  • MBF TAR – most efficient alternative to save the field from the harmful animals.
  • To get best and definite results of MBF TAR – Apply in humid conditions.
  • It is safe & cost effective solution to the growing problem of crop damage by animals.


2-5 ml per liter. Use with Unisa-82 for efficient working.


  • The simple way of application: Prepare standard solution of TAR according to the claim and spray all four sides on crops upto 2-3 feet distance.
  • For sugarcane crops: Spray 5 feet distance from crop
  • For crop like cotton, soya and toor having rows, spray MBF TAR on crop rows at both sides of gaps
  • Spray MBF TAR in stagnant water ponds around crop field. the aroma will remain saturated in ponds and surrounded by crops .it will help to keep away animal from field keep water filled old container or pots with added dose of MBF T as hanging on trees like mango, pomegranate, citrus fruits, slow release of aromatic fumes repels animals like monkey , squirrels and insects like weevil, fruit fly, thrips etc. by making them uneasy.
  • Keep spraying for each 15 days by taking into consideration the severity of attack. Best as preventing measure from the harmful animals like pigs, deer, rabbits etc. In summer its effect lasts up to 15-20 days.

The active ingredient incorporated in TAR is a natural , highly purified and contains highly concentrated extracts which are extremely hot to the taste. This produces a fear response in animals and allows them to be away from field. Specific odor of MBF TAR repels the animals from coming towards the field. As it is a systemic product, it gets absorbed by the leaves & roots of plants which temporarily change the taste of plant, making them tasteless for animals. It actually works by emitting an odor for animals associate with predator activity, repelling the animals before they nibbles on plants. It affects the nervous systems of animals & moves them away from the field. It causes mild irritation to the animal’s nasal passage which triggers a natural instinct to escape or avoid the unpleasant irritation. We are committed to our environment and we believe that no harm must be caused to animals or to the environment. It is safe & cost effective solution to the growing problem of crop damage by animals. TAR is actually designed not to harm the animals in anyway.

Available In: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L.