Fungi are responsible for approximately two-thirds of the infectious plant diseases. There are many plant diseases caused by fungi, like mildew, smuts, rusts, etc. MBF T20 is an organic anti-fungal product with a multi-site targeting action. T20 is formulated with natural ingredients without any anti-fungal chemical molecule. T20 is a result oriented product, having a unique anti-resistance property.

  • 100% organic
  • Anti Resistance
  • Applicable for drip irrigation and dusting
  • Long term effect
  • Multi- targeted
  • Antibiosis Action
  • Eco-friendly
  • Proper usage helps to reduce chemical based fungicide.
  • Have no toxicity to humans & other mammals.
  • Most stable than chemical fungicide.
  • Significantly reduce severity of infection on fungal diseases.
  • Best combination to achieve superior performance.
  • General dose: 1-2 gms T-20 per litre of water.
  • For downy mildew – 4 gms per litre

Target Crops: Tomato, Chilly, Grapes, Potato, Cabbage, Cucumber, Onion, Cotton, Orange, Brinjal, Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetables, spices & all other horticultural crops.

It contains the antifungal organic compound secreted by biological source. it also contain various carboxylic acids along with organic acids and polysaccharides that exhibit strong fungicidal activity against pathogenic fungi.

The biocontrol agents interact with fungus by antibiosis & stimulate plant to produce toxins against fungi.

The specific synergistic combination of organic acids along with carboxylic acids has fungicidal properties against wide range of pathogens. Organic acids are natural antioxidants which play vital role in defense against pathogenic fungi.

Some of the fungi has indicated absolute specificity for such organic acids, they irreversibly inactivated by such acids. So the organic acids create a condition, where fungus cannot flourish. Thus, it works well to kill fungus.

Available In: 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg.