MBF SUPER HUMIC GOLD is a unique soil conditioner, a naturally occurring organic substance consisting primarily of humic acid and minor levels of minerals, gypsum and clays. The molecular form helps in modifying structure & texture of soil. It eases the organic material absorbtion into the soil that accelerates the rate of nutrient utilization in growing crops.

SUPER HUMIC GOLD also contributes in maintaining the soil fertility factors like organic matters, humus content and microbial population by natural processes.

  • Super Humic Gold is Biocatalyzer that triggers several metabolic pathways.
  • It increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soil. The CEC value of SUPER HUMIC GOLD is 350-400 meq per 100gm of soil.
  • It helps plants to uptake macro and micronutrients from soil.
  • It increases availibility of NPK by 30%.
  • It improves soil structure & makes soil more friable.
  • It enhances water retention capacity of soil.
  • It increases the root mass of the plant.
  • It reduces use of chemical fertilisers up to 25-30%.
  • 12.5kg/hectare for quarterly(3 months) crops(5kg/acre).
  • 17.5kg/hectare for bi-annual(6 months) crops(7kg/acre).
  • 25kg/hectare for annual(12 months) crops(10kg/acre).
  • It is applicable for all type of crops.
  • For better yield use MBF Super Humic Gold along with organic compost (BTM – Compost Brown Gold or Vermicompost).
  • MBF Super Humic Gold is compatible with all type of fertilizers.

Humus has a profound effect on the structure of many soils, when humus is lost then soil tends to become hard, compact and cloggy. Application of Super Humic gold leads to the synthesis of complex organic compounds that binds soil particles into structural units called aggregates. This aggregate helps to maintain a loose, open, granular condition. Water is able to infiltrate and percolate downward through the soil, in a better way.

Available In: 1 Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg.