Soyabean is an important global crop providing oil & protein. MBF Soya special is a versatile product which enhances the yield, growth rate of soyabean and increases oil content of seeds. MBF Soya Special increases natural immune system of plants and helps the leaves to grow naturally. MBF Soya Special plays an important role in conferring desiccation tolerance of plants and seeds as it contain unique formulation of sugars.

MBF Soya special acts against certain bacterial and fungal diseases such as bacterial wilt, powdery mildew and downy mildew.

  • Makes the plant blooming which is the indication of healthier crops.
  • It increases the phytolexin content which helps the plant to act against environmental stress conditions.
  • It allows early germination and increases the rate of germination of seeds.

2ml per liter of water for soybean crop.

It improves crop Photosynthesis & hormonal activities resulting in cell enlargement of fruit. MBF soya special activates numerous enzyme system in plants which improves color,size,Flower and Fruit in plant. Use of soya special triggers the growth of tissues. By fulfilling the need of essential nutrient to plant soya special decreases rate of flower & fruit dropping.

Available In: 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L