MBF Trigger addition to the water, can deliver the essential supplements directly to the root zone at the same time. Drip irrigation delivers exact amount of water to the roots of the plants. MBF led to manufacturing new challenging quality product, ideally meant to use in drip irrigation system. MBF is always dedicated to manufacturing fool-proof agricultural inputs for every corner of farms. And “Trigger” is such a new innovation to our product offering in a completely new “Twin Pack” look. We have designed and formulated the Twin Pack solution as a simplified yield builder. It involves two products viz., Trigger A (Green) & Trigger B (Red) which must be applied separately, but finally they confers full package nutrition.

Mode of Action

It actually triggers the growth promoting factors in plants which results in marked increase in crop yield and improves their keeping quality. Regulates phytohormonal activities within plant. Stop shedding of leaves, fruit & flower drop. The compounds incorporated in formulation promote tissue development within plant. Increase root uptake capacity as well as stimulate cell division in plants.


  • It actually triggers the growth promoting factors in plants which results in marked increase in crop yield & improves their quality.
  • It regulates phytohormonal activities within plant. Stops shedding of leaves, fruit & flower dropping.
  • Compounds incorporated in this formulation promotes tissue development within plant.
  • Increases root uptake capacity as well as stimulates cell division in plant.
  • This Twin Pack plays crucial role from planting onward to establish a strong root system with improved crop vigour & ultimately improves blooming quality.
  • This pack acts like growth promoter & thus very important in early as well as later stages of crop development.
  • Use of this enables us to manipulate with crop productivity in positive way.
  • It represents the most modern concept of comprehensive feeding to produce rapid and reliable growth.
  • Strengthen the stems, improves greenery and finally increases yield.
  • Helps to get rescued from soil borne diseases.
  • A best foliar supplement for crop development.
  • By using this twin pack, the other fertilizer dosages will be reduced up to 50%.
  • Best suitable for all cropping regions.
  • It supports the adequate usage of water.

Sizes / Packaging

  • 500 ml, 1 L (Only in Twin Pack)

Dosage & Recommendation

  • Drip Irrigation: Use “Trigger A” - 1 litre + “Trigger B” - 1 litre per acre.
  • Foliar Application: Use “Trigger A” - 500 ml + “Trigger B” - 500 ml per acre.
  • For Spray: Use 4 ml of product per 1 litre of water. (Do not mix both the products together).