MBF Smart is a multi functional product derived from naturally occurring Amino Acid, Humic Acid, Herbal Extract and Nitrobenzene. Smart enhances the growth of crop, providing precursors to metabolic synthesis pathways and also protect crops from stress and infections. It is a Special Product for Arid Tropics (Desert and Dry Area).

Mode of Action

It is a unique product which acts very fast on plant and it activate the cell division of plant that ultimately results in better fruiting and more flowering. Humic Acid and Amino Acid accelerates white root development and helps to enhance uptake of nutrients which increases yield parameters such as tiller numbers, branches, panicle numbers and weight.


  • 100% Organic.
  • Enhances crop yield.
  • Improves quality of crop product.
  • Protect crop from infections and stress.
  • Feasible.

Sizes / Packaging

  • 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

Dosage & Recommendation

  • Dosage: Mix 2 to 3 ml MBF Smart in 1 litre of water.
  • Useful for All types of Agriculture crops, Vegetable crops, Flowering plants etc.