MBF Rhizobium is a bio fertilizer that contains Nitrogen Fixing Rhizobium species. Rhizobium lives in symbiotic association with roots of leguminous plants in the form of root nodules. These microorganisms fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil and make it available to plants growth and development.

Mode of Action

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria are the soil bacteria living or associated around/on the root surface and are directly or indirectly involved in promoting plant growth and development via production and secretion of various regulatory chemicals in the vicinity of rhizosphere. Generally, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria facilitate the plant growth directly by either assisting in resource acquisition (nitrogen, phosphorus and essential minerals) or modulating plant hormone levels, or indirectly by decreasing the inhibitory effects of various pathogens on plant growth and development in the forms of bio control agents.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Increases protein level in the plants.
  • Increases nitrogen availability and uptake.
  • Improve soil health.

Sizes / Packaging

  • 250 gm

Dosage & Recommendation

  • For Seed Treatment: 25 gm MBF Rhizobium mix with sufficient amount of water and make mixture. Coat this mixture on 1 kg seeds. Avoid direct exposure of sunlight. Sow the seed within 24 hrs.
  • Compatible with MBF Acetobacter, MBF Azotobacter, MBF Biophorce No.1 and other organic fertilizers.
  • Recommended Crops: Ground nut, Mustard seeds, Sesame, Pulses, all other Oil seeds & Dicot seeds.