MBF Onion Risen is an unique formulation which meets all the requirements for an Onion crop. It contains the natural plant extract with essential amino acids. It is also very effective in stimulating the uptake of phosphorus from soil by the plant.

Mode of Action

Application of MBF Onion Risen supplies the plant with nitrogen which is directly related to the bulb size of Onion. The full seeded onion requires only phosphorus before seedlings and MBF Onion Risen fulfills this requirement in better way. It naturally makes available the nitrogen to the plant, which is precursor of growth substances and also induces the flowering and fruit development, thus making the crop lush green.


  • Onion Special improves Root System.
  • It increases Chlorophyll content in plant.
  • It increases Size and Weight of Onion Bulb.
  • It also helps to utilize the trace elements like Zn & Cu from soil.
  • Use of MBF Onion Risen gives better colour and appearance to onion.
  • It improves Shelf Life of onion.

Dosage & Recommendation

  • Dosage: 2 ml per litre of water.