MBF is leading trader of imported phosphoric acid (H3PO4 85%). Phosphoric acid is a clear viscous fluid, suitable for replenishing the phosphorus in soils and de-clogging the nozzles of various irrigation systems like drip, sprinkle and pivot irrigation systems and adding phosphorus in drip irrigation system and adding available phosphorus to the soil.


The most common diseases on grapes are powdery mildew and bunch rot. Each of these diseases is a form of fungus that infects grapes. Powdery mildew is evident as a white powder on the leaves. Bunch rot or black rot enters damaged grapes and turns grape bunches black so that they do not fill out to the correct size and eventually die. Phosphoric acid rectifies a current-season infection of these fungi.

  • Preventive and curative action.
  • Increases output of healthy leaves, providing increased performance and quality of the Fruits.
  • Performs the function of cleansing of the drip irrigation system from foreign matter.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Harmless to beneficial insects and other organisms.

Use 1.5 ml /water

Soil application


De-clogging nozzles of irrigation system.