MBF Neem fighter is the best natural and non-chemical solution for the environment. Continuous use of chemical insecticides and pesticides in the field of agriculture has shown many devastating effects on the environment and even on human life.
MBF neem fighter is extracted from the neem tree ( L Azadirechta indica) which is one of the most beneficial plants for nature and in ayurvedic medicine.

Many pests as well as other insects and worms can be controlled with the use of MBF Neem fighter

If MBF Neem fighter is used with other pesticides, it increases the efficiency of that pesticide.

Neem is a key ingredient in non pesticidal management providing a natural alternative to synthetic pesticides.

The pesticidal charachterisatic of neem is largely attributable of Azadirechtine found in the neem extracts which is a growth regulator and as well as powerful feeding and ovipositional deterrant.

Use MBF Neem Fighter 1 -1.5 Lit per Acre with Mist blower.

With knapsacks or other pumps dissolve 2 ml MBF Neem Fighter in 1 Lit of water and use 200 Lit of this dilution for spraying of 1 Acre of land on whole plant.

Applicable for all type of horticultural crops, fruit plants, agricultural crops, flowering gardens and greenhouse crops.

MBF Neem Fighter 300 ppm

MBF Neem Fighter 1500 ppm

MBF Neem Fighter 10000 ppm

Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr