HUMICO (Humic acid 12%) is an unique preparation derived from Leonardite Humic Acids. It is classified as a nutritional organic chemical activator. It is most suitable for foliar application to enhance the growth of plants, fruits & flowers.

It should be applied at critical stages like plantule establishment, pre-flowering, fruit growth as well as times of climatic stress. Excellent results are obtained in case of seed/root dip treatment with Humico containing humic acid 12%.

  • Facilitates absorption of foliar fertilizers & herbicides.
  • Accelerates photosynthesis.
  • Increases plant respiration.
  • Stimulates development of micro flora population in soil.
  • Increases the brix level.
  • Humico being highly water soluble, is specifically recommended for foliar application offering rapid absorption by the plant making it a fast release product.

Foliar spray: In ratio of 400ml per acre at actively growing & reproductive stages.

Seed Treatments: 5-10 ml / Kg of seed.

Seedling / Root Dip: 2 ml per lit of water.

Applicable for all types of crop (agricultural crops, horticultural crops, lawns, flowering plants, ornamental plants etc).

Humico acts as a bio-catalyzer & bio-stimulator. Penetrates the cellular membrane, stimulates plant enzymes & several physiological processes in cell size. Accelerates cellular division & hence increases vegetative growth. Has high cation exchange capacity, therefore chelates with macro & micro nutrients & offers greater availability of nutrients to the plants.

Available In: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 20L