Flower King G is a deeply research product, with amazing growth enhancing properties. It acts as an energizer & a flowering stimulation. It is in the form of granules with nitrobenzene(16.5% w/w) being the main active ingredient, absorbed in inert carrier granules using binding agent for quick and even dispersion of active ingredient in soil.
Flower king G has tremendouly good results on crops like cotton, wheat, paddy, vegetables, fruits, pulses, oils seeds, floriculture etc, where the crop yield is governed by the number and health of buds. It enhances the growth of the crop, boosts the yield by enhancing the growth of more buds and preventing flower shedding in case of flowering crops. It can used for the growth of the plant under all climatic conditions.

  • It enhances plant canopy & induces profuse flowering.
  • Increases photosynthesis which results in strong growth of flowers & thus helps significantly in more flowering.
  • Stops flower dropping.
  • Stimulates cell elongation.
  • It promotes numerous process like cell division, elongation formation of buds, flowers ,fruits and roots. Resulting in increased yield.
  • It accelerates and enhances the overall growth of crops like Wheat, Paddy, Cotton, Banana, Grapes, Chilly, Pulses, Brinjal, Tomato, Oil seeds, Fruits, Sugar cane, Potato, Leafy Vegetables, Flowering crops etc. to increase the crop yield substantially even where flowering is not important.

5Kg per acre


  • Once at basal application.
  • Another application should be done at 30 days before flowering.
  • Once again apply at the time of flowering.

Cereals, Pulses, Oil seeds, Ornamental plants, Vegetables, Fruit crops, Cotton, Paddy, Wheat, Soyabean, Chilli etc.

It contains the substances with improved absorbance on substrate. The growth promoting substances & the available nitrogen generates synergetic effect. It regulates the amount, type & direction of plant growth. It affects the numerous processes like cell division, elongation, autumnal loss of leaves & formation of buds, roots, flowers & fruits.

Flower king can be widely used on commercial level to produce more vigorous growth, by promoting flowering & thus fruiting in crops.

Available In: 1 Kg, 5KG & 25Kg