Doctor Strong is an organic, non toxic, biodegradable unique formulation with a strong anti fungal activity. It is recommended for the prevention and control of diseases spread from soil and plant roots like red rot, root rot, stem rot etc. It contains agricultural lime stone coated with garlic oil along with other essential organic acids.

  • Prevent and controls the spread of diseases from soil and plant root like red rot, root rot, stem rot etc.
  • Controls diseases caused by fungi like Ascochyta, Fusarium, Botrytis Septoria, Phytopthora etc.
  • Calcium present in agricultural lime is highly needed by soil being a mineral.
  • Helps to maintain pH of soil, prevent development of surface crusting and soil erosion.

5kg per acre

For all types of soil.

Doctor Strong when comes in contact with soil, the diallyldisulphide (DADS) present in garlic acts as a biostimulant. Thus helps in tricking the white rot into germination and finally protects the plants against many fungal diseases.

Available In: 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg