MBF Chilly Special is an ideal feeding program for chilies. It helps to produce healthier, more vigorous, colorful and juicier plant. It is nontoxic and posses no environmental hazards. This product contains a profile of natural ingredients and concentrated herbal extract that nourish the young plant as it becomes established. The offered fertilizer promotes immunity of plants.

  • Triggers the natural immunity. Enhances the blooming effects.
  • Keeps the leaves greener and healthier for longer time.
  • Prevents the immature shredding of flowers and leaves.

2ml per liter of water for chilly crop

It increases the pungency in chilies by increasing alkaloid capsaicin which has high medicinal value and it enhances the pigmentation by increasing capsanthin and Capsorubin. Helps to reduce flower dropping, improves fruit size and increases crop production rate.

Available In: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L.