BTM Speed is a versatile biostimulant that we have introduced to our product. It offers natural organic substances which stimulates the plant to meet their maximum, healthy potential and cause regeneration of healthy soil. Bio-stimulants are not fertilizer, but it works as a soil doctor. Much like the daily vitamins & supplements, those human beings need every day, bio stimulants help in delivering essential nutrients to the roots in times of stress.

Biostimulants have shown to influence several metabolic processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis & ion uptake. They have shown to decrease the problems like chlorosis by enabling the plant, especially when plants are under stress.

  • This improves crop vigor, photosynthesis, hormonal activities and results in a decrease in flower / fruit dropping.
  • Increases flowering.
  • Thus fruit quality & yield is increased.
  • Monthly spray of BTM Speed acts as a good tonic to the crop.
  • Also helps in preventing insect, pest & disease attack.
  • Helps to keep disease and stress down to a minimum.
  • Helps in developing a healthier root system.
  • Helps to utilize organic means of replenishing needed nutrient into the soil.
  • Enables the plant to uptake applied products more efficiently by decreasing the overall need for nitrate rich fertilizers, pesticides & fungicides.

Mix 0.5- 0.75ml BTM Speed biostimulant in 1 lit of water.

Applicable for all types of crop (agricultural crops, horticultural crops, lawns, flowering plants, ornamental plants etc).

Sometimes plants suffering from many stresses ,some stress can be due to insect or pests and other stress can be due to heat, drought or disease. Each one of these stresses either remove some nutrients from the soil or disables the roots ability to extract needed materials from soil. When this happens, the plant or its roots will not produce enough vitamins, amino acids or hormones. This is where the biostimulants take over to aid in the recovery by supplementing those elements in the soil, those plant having difficulty in producing.

Available In: 50 ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L.