MBF-BT- Cotton Special is specially recommended for BT Cotton plant. It contain certain Biostimulants, which stimulates the secretion of hormones which are helpful for stem growth, root initiation, leaf growth. It provides nourishing climatic conditions and essential hormones which helps the cotton plant to grow fast.

  • It increases the size and thickness of leaves.
  • Reduces the rate of flower dropping & leaf dropping.
  • It enhances nutrient uptake and storage capacity.
  • It increases the size of bowl and improves quality of cotton.

2ml per liter of water for cotton

MBF Cotton special triggers various enzymatic activities, which is used for increased productivity of cotton crops. Cotton Special plays key role in reducing the rate of boll dropping of cotton plants. Moreover, this specific fertilizer helps to produce necessary enzymes that are required for protein synthesis, energy production and growth regulation of cotton plants. Apart from that, the application of this fertilizer helps to reduce reddening of cotton leaf.

Available In: 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L.