MBF Azospirillium is bio fertilizer that contains millions of active colonies of Azospirillum. Azospirillum forms the rhizosphere around the crop roots and mutually shares the nutrient requirement for growth and development.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Improves soil fertility.
  • Stimulates activity of beneficial microorganisms in soil.
  • Increase crop yield.

Compatible with MBF Rhizobium, MBF Azotobacter, MBF Acetobacter, MBF Biophorce No.1 and other organic fertilizers.

Recommended Crops: Jawar, Bajra, Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Cotton, Sugarcane, Vegetables, Fruit and Ornamental plants.

For Seed Treatment: 1 kg MBF Azospirillum mix with adequate quantity of water and gently coat on 25-30 kg seeds. Taking care of avoid the damage to seeds coat. Avoid direct exposure of sunlight.

For Transplanted Crops: 1kg MBF Azospirillum mix with 25-30 ltr of water and make mixture. Dip the roots of seedling in this mixture & transplant the crops.

For Soil Application: Use 3 kg Azospirillum for one acre land.

MBF Azospirillium contains Azospirillum bacteria that increases the soil-water- plant relations and soil health. It enhances water and mineral absorption rate of plants by Promoting growth of root. Use of MBF Azospirillium Enhances fertility level of soil. Helps to increase 20 to 25% crop production.

Available In: 1 Kg.