MBF Acetobacter is a bio fertilizer that contains millions of nitrogen fixing Acetobacter colonies. C2090-616 Acetobacter converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium or nitrite, which required to biosynthesize basic building blocks of plant. A00-212

  • Improves nutrient uptake capacity in soil.
  • Stimulates activity of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Contributes to maintain nitrogen concentration in soil.
  • Increases crop yield.

Compatible with MBF Rhizobium, MBF Azotobacter, MBF Biophorce No.1 and other organic fertilizers.

Recommended Crops: Sweet sorghum, Sugar beet, Sweet potato and all other Sugar containing crops.

For Sugarcane Sett: For one acre of sugarcane crop 3 kg MBF Acetobacter mix with 40 ltr of water and prepare a mixture. Before plantation, dip sugarcane sett in above mixture for 5 minutes.

For Soil Application: Use 3 kg Acetobacter for one acre land.

Acetobacter is an obligatory aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria which is capable for nitrogen fixing in roots, stems and leaves of sugarcane plants. It produces growth promoting substances as IAA (Indole Acetic Acid) and GA (Gibberllic acid) that promote root proliferation and increase the number of rootlets, resulting in uptake of mineral, phosphate solubilisation and water which promote cane growth and sugar recovery in the cane. While all nitrogen bacteria contain nitrogenous in order to utilize atmospheric nitrogen gas as a source of metabolic bio-synthesis, different nitrogen fixing microorganism and protect the oxygen – sensitive microorganism oxygen in different ways. Acetobacter has symbiotic relationship with many different plants like sugarcane and coffee by colonizing their internal tissues to promote the plant growth.

Acetobacter diazotrophicus, apparently responsible for this N2 fixation associated with the plants, has unique physiological properties for a diazotroph, such as tolerance to low pH, and high sugar and salt concentrations, lack of nitrate reductase, and nitrogenase activity which tolerates short term exposure to ammonia.

Available In: 1 Kg.