Delta Calcium Nitrate (Ca-18.80% + N-15.50%) is water soluble fertilizer which is in granular form it contains high quality macro and essential nutrients and chloride free ingredients, this can be applied to the crop by fertigation or through foliar spraying. The nutrients are textured and cohesively balanced hence this will give better result and excellent yield in all crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, field crops, foliage crops etc. All Horticultural crops will give good results.


  • Acts as a carrier of Nitrate Nitrogen within the plant.
  • Reduces the calcium deficiency of the plant which helps to increase the crop growth and vigour.
  • Increase the root growth development. Helps to absorb more nutrients from soil.
  • Makes the plant healthy and sturdy and fight against pest and diseases.
  • Helps to neutralize toxic chemicals within the plant.
  • Improves the pH of soil and increases the availability of trace elements.
  • Increase fruit setting. Increases shelf life of the produce.
  • Increases crop quality and yield.

Sizes / Packaging

  • 1 kg, 50 kg

Dosage & Recommendation

  • Recommended Crops: All crops.
  • Dosage: Apply 15 Kg per acre at the time of sowing or transplantation.