MBF Neem G is highly effective against fungal diseases, many bacteria, nematodes etc. It is in the form of agricultural lime coated with 10% Neem oil. It is made by using scientific techniques focused at plant protection and if followed systematically, can revolutionize the crop productivity.

A key component Azadirachta Indica in neem oil present in Neem G is an ensuring sustainable natural pesticide. The formidable array of highly bioactive compound makes Neem G an unique plant protective compound with potential application in controlling parasitic nematodes, fungal diseases and also repelling hazardous insects, bacteria etc.

  • The agricultural lime in synergy with neem oil helps to neutralize the soil pH.
  • Neem G is used to control nematodes, fungal diseases etc.
  • It also repels hazardous insects, bacteria etc.
  • It is safe for beneficial organisms.
  • It is also useful for increasing the efficiency of fertilizers.

5kg per acre

For all types of soil.

Neem oil present in the NEEM G stimulates at list one deterrent neuron in insects which shown an anti- feedant response.

Available In: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg.