On April 25, 2003, Mr. Nilesh Thakkar (Managing Director) AND MRS MEETA THAKKAR (DIRECTOR) came up with the new idea of Organic farming with Canadian Technology at Latur. In fact, that was the initial landmark of the company THIS IS HOW THE MBF COMPANY WAS ESTABILISED AT LATUR NOW ITS ROOTS HAVE SPREAD ACROSS THE DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.

Company has Canadian Technology & Canadian Investments. Companys Canadian Partners Mr. Bill Duncan & Mrs. Cindy Duncan have contributed their time and investments for the growth of the company.

Our Canadian technology have proved fruitful on Indian soils keeping in mind the soil the Indian soil structure the BTM culture has shown its best effect on the Indian crops. The passion of Bio-Trigger Mechanism made company people to produce the real Gold in between May-June 2003 & production of Brown Gold, a first flagship product of MBF started at Village Khopegaon site with press mud based raw material by the process of Aerobic Composting The very first Retail Counter of MBF was started on 1st June 2003 & the large-scale with full swing production of Brown Gold have been started since 15th August 2003 systematically with hi-tech machineries like windrow-turning machine, screening machine at a new site 22 kms. away from Latur city at Ekurga on 56 acres of own land. In the short period of two years operation, the company has sold 12000 MT compost, we also have invested 5crores for new lab set up at our production unit were theirs implantation of new technology and tools.

MBF has a strong and trained marketing network. There are 80 persons in production, 80 in marketing and 32 in administration and 12 skilled persons in research & development with its branches at Amrawati, Ahmednagar, Mumbai, Banglore and Coimbture. Periodically arranged training programs, seminars, conferences & company's full support to literature has made confident marketing staffs spread throughout Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Gujarat.

The company is growing and with the subsequent production & provision of many quality products that are made available through marketing manpower of the company's set up in and around Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Gujarat.


To continually introduce new and innovative products and specialized services available in the market, we are the only company in India with Biological Trigger Mechanism. This will keep our recourses available in the market to, we take special care of our product quality and its shelf life. These aspects include:

● Continuous research for microbes and product development inputs useful to agricultural sector.
● Characterization and testing for maintenance of useful & necessary properties.
● Pilot plant fermentation and efficiency testing studies.  Formulation and on field studies.
● Specialized and customized consultancy services.

Product Showcase


100% organic and matured compost. Application on field gives 100 results.

Why Brown gold?
» It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers.
» It increases the porosity of soil thus increasing the water holding capacity, moisture C:N ratio and the organic content of soil.
» Suitable for all types of soil.